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retrato del Renacimiento

infografía interactiva audiovisual


retrato del Renacimiento

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Audio-visual infographic that, with a simple camera movement, present all the relevant information about the exhibition “The Portrait of the Renaissance”. There are four parts: “Location of the Exhibition inside the Museum”, “Distribution and Tour around the Halls”, “The Contents of the Exhibition Subject groups” and “Ticket offices and Accesses”.

In “Location of the Exhibition inside the Museum”, the camera shows an aerial image of El Prado and then approaches the Jeronimos building, where the four floors successively raise until the exhibition space appears, highlighted in red, and the access.

An arrow draws the itinerary of the exhibition “Distribution and Tour around the Halls” and indicates each subject group by using the most significant painting in each hall.

“Ticket offices and Accesses” offers general information to the user, regarding the purchase-sale of tickets, with a new perspective of El Prado Museum. Finally, the camera, in its tour, returns to its initial position.