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An original model of the “Real Sitio de la Granja”, which was used to illustrate the narration of the events occured in 1830, when Ferdinand VII abolished the Salic Law.

Given the lack of elevations, sections or isometrics of the palace, it was necessary to visit La Granja in order to create the diorama. Once there, sketches and photographs of the façades and roofs were taken and the documentation was completed. The result is a realistic recreation of the palace, built from a schematic plan and direct observation.

The tones used are directly related to this artistic approach. The realistic textures are ruled out and plain colours are bet on, with a predominance of acid blue and green tones on a delicate grey background.

In the composition, the outdoors is given priority, although the interior floors are perfectly detailed. The gardens, which are the most impressive part of the complex, are placed in the centre of the graph, and the rest of the information is included above them. The façade of the palace also prevails on the rest of the complex, which is blurred and almost transparent.