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infografía interactiva audiovisual



tresRazones is the new adventure of Juan Ramos González. A dream that started nearly one year ago, when this veteran infographist, designer and publicist decided to put to the service of communication media, institutions and companies a new audio-visual language that makes it possible to INFORM, ENTERTAIN AND GENERATE BRAND VALUE.

to explain

2D and 3D audio-visual infographics
2D and 3D interactive infographics
Educational applications
Interactive kiosks

to entertain

Development and programming games in Flash
Interactive marketing for entertaining purposes

give brand value

Motion Graphics
Product and corporate reels

In its informative and educational aspect, tresRazones offers audio-visual and interactive infographics (2D and 3D), educational applications, interactive kiosks…The entertaining side is present in the development and programming of games with Flash technology. And the commercial dimension, in the product and corporate reels.

With an almost cinematographic narrative, close to videogames, the visual explanations of tresRazones are intended for their diffusion in the press, television, Internet and mobile phones. Its format, of a nearly advertising nature, also enables the entry of sponsors.

tresRazones means a high investment in technology and a rich know how, because it is as important to have access to the last technological developments as to know how to use them efficiently. Therefore, it offers its clients a “know how” backed up by years of experience in the press and advertising and several International Malofiej Infographics Awards by the Society for News Design. 😉


PC. PPT y EXE formats
TV. Multiformat Video
DVD interactive
Paper. EPS, PDF y JPG formats