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Lost In The Moon

infografía interactiva audiovisual


Lost In The Moon

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A photoshoping* infographic showing a lost iPhone in the surface of the Moon, near a Armstrong’s footstep. Partially buried in the lunar soil and accompanied by the apps, a map depicting the loss of time and photos and personal data illustrating that which is irreplacebale… all things scattered and aged. Neil Armstrong’s now legendary phrase, it was “…one small loss for a man and one giant leak for your credit card”.

And seriusly, the idea is emphasize the sense of loss (who found an iPhone in the Moon?) and show an ugly truth (how we could reach the moon without an iPhone?)

And more… I´ve included an anachronistic comparation!! How many hours it would cost to make that money back on the Neil Armstrong salary?

(*) For me, a photoshoping infographic is a graphic based in an realistic fake image produced in Photoshop.