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street pirates

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street pirates

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El auge del pirateo

This infographic is considered as an illegal street market where the reader is offered extensive information on the “growth of bootlegging”. Far from merely showing the figures of the record industry market, as was initially proposed, the graphic offers a human approach, with descriptions on the new forms and processes of bootlegging, data on police action and photos and statements of the illegal vendors in inverted commas.

The illustration represents a plan view of the CDs illegal flee market, converted by Photoshop art into an authentic and modern pirate flag. The space is crossed by two diagonals, one with the strings of the blanket, which offer rhythm to the central composition and divide the space in four parts: on the one hand, the two parts devoted to the illegal market and downloads from home, in a warm rust colour and, on the other hand, the parts referring to the evolution of bootlegging in the last years and to the economic data on illegal purchases, in which grey and blue colours predominate.

The original transformation of one of the diagonals stands out in a line of evolution of red colour, expressing the danger represented by bootlegging for the record industry market, and the use of illustrations of realistic CDs in the pie graphs. The rest of the graphs, photographs and pictograms explaining the information simulate CD covers spread over the blanket.