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spanish cook

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spanish cook

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Masterly presentation of “La nueva cocina española” (“The New Spanish Cuisine”). The infographic show the overhead image of a table on which Ferrán Adriá’s recipes rest distorted until they form the face of the brilliant chef and his supporters.

This risky conception forced the modification in Photoshop of the plates in order to create a plan view of them, through a duotone reproduction of the characters, in order to re-draw the sauces by using the images as a base. A laborious work to which the illustration of the fork and the two plates is added.

From an informative point of view, the graph emphasizes the supremacy of Adriá, whose face is included in the round plate, the biggest one, and accompanied by a chronology of his life and his work, laid out along a radial axis. On its side, together on a rectangular plate, the representatives of the Basque and Catalan cuisine appear, on a smaller scale, by using a recipe of the Catalan chef in order to shape their faces.

Initially, the graph had a third plate containing, with the same proceeding, a map of Spain in which the major restaurants in Spain where shown. However, the success of this original graph finally led to the breaking down of the information into two and creating a second graphic called “The peak of gastronomy”.