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NATO bombs Belgrade” is a graphics representation of the Spanish participation in the war in the former Yugoslavia.

The little relation between the headline and the content is surprising. The reason for this is that, initially, the graph explained the bombing of Belgrade and the armed confrontations between Serbians and Kosovars. Once the illustration attached at the bottom was created, we thought it would be more interesting to summarize the Spanish participation in the conflict. Only the images of the bombing were fully respected.

By using the sophisticated 3D image of McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet aircraft and its modus operandi, the graphic is organized through informative “bombshells” that describe each one of the actions of the Spanish army.

Therefore, the circle is a constant metaphor of the explosions that repeats itself not only in the map framings, but also in the limit of the affected areas, in the flags and the informative texts.

The scene is limited by two Spanish soldiers who are on both sides of the scene as if they were sphinxes, highlighting the prophylactic nature of Spanish forces, which, after participating in some bombings, became guarantors of peace. Even though they are modelled in 3ds Max, these figures show a taste for traditional infographic, since the only realistic attempt is made on the uniforms, whereas the faces and arms are merely white silhouettes outlined in grey.