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stars liga

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stars liga

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“Llega la Liga de las Estrellas” (“The Stars League is here”), a detailed radiography of the multimillionaire signings in the Spanish football teams in the mid nineties.

Apart from its informative value, this graph stands out due to its original graphic development. The graph includes two scenes on the same schematic football field, coloured in a discrete, but innovative, greyish blue.

The first scene, which denotes some sense of humour, represents the most expensive signings in history as if they were Subbuteo players. The myths for young and old become here simple puppets in the hands of the all-powerful television giants. Stylistically, it is worth emphasizing the realism of the characters, which have been modelled in 3ds Max.

The second picture recreates one of the most representative moves of the “extraterrestrial” Ronaldo. Like in any classical infographic, it represents a sequence of the movements of the star, who, however, remains anchored to its Subbuteo base. The difficulty of this sequence lies in the recreation of the real postures animating a three-dimensional human figure. The movements of the player and the ball are marked with a red line and a white line, respectively.

The graph also incorporates 3ds Max in the satellite dishes that represent the increase in the losses of satellite digital televisions.